Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey recommends Nothing for the Nation

".Congress made an unconstitutional delegation of authority to the president and it was the most tragic such delegation ever made.

"Had we listened to Hostettler at the time, we would not have done it. If we listen to him now, we might save ourselves the pain, regret, and shame from doing it again.

"For years I have known I was wrong. Now I know why I was wrong.."

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Nothing for the Nation: Who Got What Out of Iraq reveals why political leaders and their subordinates sought to remove Saddam Hussein from power. Nothing for the Nation reminds us that when it comes to relations between rival nations - and rival national leaders - America's founders were wise to give us a republic and not a monarchy. The sages who secured for us the blessings of liberty would not have been surprised by the true motivation of those who sold America on the idea of ousting the Butcher of Baghdad.

Excerpts from Nothing for the Nation:

"…the evidence offered in the pages of this book….is immensely more compelling as the justification for our military involvement in Iraq than was the case for a WMD program directed by Saddam Hussein." - Introduction

"Though I considered it clever for Bush to borrow from The Gipper, I likewise felt it was a departure from the true concern. I felt that the major imperatives were finding Osama Bin Laden and destroying al Qaeda." - Ch. 4, 9/11: A False Prelude

"But how could this group of very smart people see the same intelligence members of Congress were considering and conclude such a program existed? If I had problems with the intelligence, I thought these "analysts" in the Pentagon would be much more skeptical." - Ch. 11, The Truth Emerges

"To say, however, that George W. Bush came into office in January 2001 with the goal of acquiring a larger campaign war chest and more occupants of some electoral big tent is to miss the point when it came to Saddam Hussein." - Ch. 11, The Truth Emerges



October 8, 2002 Floor Speech by Honorable John N. Hostettler on the Iraq Resolution |

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