Recommendation: Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX)

" In Nothing for the Nation my friend and former colleague John Hostettler, who was one of the few Republicans to oppose the Iraqi War, not only demolishes the "official" justifications for attacking Iraq, but he demonstrates why true conservatives should have joined John and myself in opposing the war.  I urge all Campaign for Liberty members, and anyone who wishes to understand how America was neoconned into the Iraq war, to read John's book. "

- Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), 2008 Republican candidate for President; New York Times bestselling author of The Revolution: A Manifesto

Recommendation: Philip Giraldi , PhD

"There are three books critically important to understanding the neoconservative takeover of US foreign policy.  They are Jacob Heilbrunn's They Knew They Were Right , Stephen Sniegoski's Transparent Cabal , and former Congressman John Hostettler's Nothing for the Nation.  For me John Hostettler's book is the most important because it focuses on three fundamental issues:  first, the need to base all our international relations on the too frequently ignored United States national interest; second, the necessity to restore constitutionalism; and third, the requirement to revive basic ethical principles for both politicians and public alike if we are to avoid a repeat of the Iraq fiasco.  Nothing for the Nation is highly recommended for anyone who wants to understand what took place in 2002-3."

- Philip Giraldi , PhD: former CIA field officer specializing in counterterrorism in Europe and the Middle East; Contributing Editor, The American Conservative ; Fellow, American Conservative Defense Alliance.

Recommendation: Barry W. Lynn, Esq.

"I've worked in Washington long enough to know that the label that matters most is not 'liberal' or 'conservative' but 'principled'. Congressman Hostettler has done our country a service by recounting with clarity and grace how political leaders misled us into a wasteful, unethical, and unconstitutional war in Iraq . His principled actions in Congress and his chronicle of how he made the decision to defy his own political party demonstrate that truth and political courage are not partisan."

- Barry W. Lynn, Esq.,liberal activist; ordained minister; longtime constitutional lawyer and civil libertarian; host of the syndicated radio show Culture Shocks



October 8, 2002 Floor Speech by Honorable John N. Hostettler on the Iraq Resolution |

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